Gary Fischer Speakers


About Us

Way Back When….Gary Fischer Speakers was founded to design and construct audio speakers, using state of the art speaker cabinet design and materials, then installing classic vintage audio components from Altec, JBL.

Soon after our beginning, in conjunction with a vintage audio collector, specialty restoration of vintage audio speakers systems became the focus of the company. Today we build, and restore  Altec, JBL,  theater systems  from decades of silence.

It’s been such pleasure  introducing the reborn Icons of yesteryear to a new audience  of audio listeners.

Preserving and restoring audio history, one system at a time.

Such a privilege to restore these icons. Way back in the days of Disco, when I installed these systems in many dance clubs in the Western Pennsylvania area, I never dreamed I would be reunited with them to renew their qualities to entertain a new following.

That said, with a 10 year background, an advanced facility, sixty something pairs of restored systems behind me applying a decade of knowledge eliminating  Altec systems anomalies and short comings, bringing systems designed for the theater, into the consumer listening domain for a impressive personal listening experience.

We scratch built cabinets to factory dimensions, custom built crossovers networks. All Altec components  restored with genuine Great Plains Audio parts.