Altec Replica Grilles

As the exposure of our business grew, Clients were requesting replacement grilles. So we decided to produce a duplicate of the original manufactured for mid 1980’s Altec 828 Cabinets, but re-configured them to fit earlier Altec 825 cabinets, while building them to a higher quality then original.


Cypress Beauties

Getting “That Sound” out of smaller more aesthetically pleasing cabinet enclosure, was the original quest. NOW the time has arrived to build the systems that produce “THAT SOUND” in a smaller package.

This first design of many to come that blends a smaller footprint with the ALTEC SOUND.

Combining vintage ALTEC components and computer software design, to re-purpose drivers for a better overall listening experience.

Designed with lower, tighter bass response, less cabinet resonances, visual appeal, higher quality material, such as veneered plywood and damping products.

Available in numerous veneered plywood’s..


3/4″ Cypress veneer plywood, Altec 414-16b L/F , Altec 811 H/F horn, Altec 806A-16 ohm H/f Driver, N801-F network, 3″ x 4″ cellulose ports, Damped with ULTRA TOUCH BLUE DENIM INSULATION